Sunday 6 October 2019

Updates To Our Free Patterns

Updates to patterns designed by Elephant Sun Dog:

I'm slowly working my way through some of the free crochet patterns I designed to see if they need updating, so I'm listing them here as I update them:

Teeny Tiny Basket Pattern

I have made a minor alteration to the Teeny Tiny Basket Free Crochet Pattern.
This just needed a change of stitch count in the first row, and that has now been altered on this blog and on the free download in my Ravelry store.


I have also substantially altered 2 of my free patterns for children's crochet bags.
These were the first patterns I designed, so they were not as clear as they could have been.
Updates have put this right and they should now be clear to understand and beginner friendly.

The updated patterns for small bags are:

Child's Small Bag With Pocket

Has been updated with clearer instructions as follows:
  • Full explanation of crochet terms used;
  • Written in accepted crochet (US) terminology;
  • Stitch counts added;
  • New pictures to help explain instructions.
This pattern is a Free Ravelry Download and you can find it here:
Child's Small Bag With Pocket by Silvi Veale

Small Bag With Granny Pocket

I have now updated this pattern and it should be much easier to understand 😀
Changes made:
  • Ensured that crochet terms (US) are used throughout.
  • I’ve taken out a couple of suggested options, because they simply confused the original pattern.
  • I’ve made the instruction section on making the shoulder strap clearer.
  • Added stitch counts where they were missing.
This pattern is a Free Ravelry Download and you can find it here:
Small Bag With Granny Pocket by Silvi Veale

That's the pattern updates for now.
But if I update any of my patterns (or hear of others that have been changed up) I will let you know here.

And in the meantime...
See you very soon with more craft posts 🙋

~ Silvi

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