Wednesday 2 October 2019

6 Free Crochet Patterns Which Make Beautiful Baby Blankets

Here are 6 Free Crochet Patterns which have been tried and tested to ensure that they will make beautiful baby blankets.
Where possible, there are also links to the Ravelry project pages for the patterns, so that you can see what other crocheters have achieved with them.

1: Granny Stripe Pattern by Lucy of Attic 24
 Lucy's Attic24 blog is a great go-to place for blankets and the Granny Stripe Pattern is a nice, basic pattern which is ideal for a first baby blanket.
On Lucy's site, you can also find ideas for blanket borders. And you'll enjoy looking at all the lovely ideas she has there.
I'm making my Granny stripe Blanket in different shades of red as it should feel nice and warm for the winter months.
My 'shades of red' Granny stripes blanket in progress

But if you look at the Ravelry page for the pattern here:
Granny Stripes by Lucy of Attic24 - Ravelry Page
You can click the project link on the right of the page and scroll through over 7,000 projects ( 😵!) to find colours that you would prefer.
Or just go for it with colours you have from stash. This pattern is very adaptable.

In fact, most of the Attic24 patterns would work great as a baby blanket.
And as Lucy makes such fabulous blanket patterns, I must include another of her designs....


2: This one in particular is a huge success with baby blanket lovers:
Neat Ripple Pattern by Lucy of Attic 24
 In fact, when you go to the Ravelry page for this pattern:
Neat Ripple by Lucy of Attic24 - Ravelry Page
 and click on the projects link on the right hand side, you will see that there are over 9.5k projects made using this pattern! That's quite amazing!
 So do have a scroll through the projects if you want ideas on yarn types and colours to use (and tips about the pattern from other crocheters).
With that many crocheters making this pattern, there must be loads of help within those project pages!
Here is my Neat Ripple Baby Blanket:
My neat ripple baby blanket in progress

As you can see, it's still a 'work in progress', but I love the colours so had to include a picture here 😉.
I think those colours with this pattern will make a beautiful baby blanket!

3: The next pattern is on my 'to-do list, but will definitely be made soon:
Four Color Baby Blanket  by Crochet n Create
 (When you click the above link, scroll down the page for both US and UK pattern versions).
This is "A Candy stripe baby afghan blanket free crochet pattern, made in worsted weight yarn using soft pastel colours." As described on the Ravelry pattern page.
(although you can of course use dk yarn if you prefer - but perhaps in this case add a number of chains to get the size required - just ensure that you increase in multiples of 6).
This is a very pretty blanket with a puff stitch design.
You can see some projects done using this lovely pattern if you follow the projects link from the Ravelry page for the pattern linked below:
PFC72 Baby Afghan Blanket - Ravelry pattern page
(but a word of advice: don't bother following the link on the Ravelry pattern page - it will just redirect you to the new page at Crochet n Create which I've linked to already above 😉)


4: Unicorn Stripes Baby Blanket by Megan Meyer
Megan has designed a beautiful but relatively easy to make baby blanket.
She designed her pattern for colour changing yarn and it works a treat as you will see in her pictures on the pattern's Ravelry page here:
Unicorn Stripes Baby Blanket by Megan Meyer
This lovely baby blanket pattern is a paid pattern on the Ravelry link - and it's worth it because the pdf download contains lots of help and advice (and all the work put in by Megan to get the pattern right) and no adverts.
However, I have listed this as a free pattern, because, at time of typing this post, there is a free version of the pattern here:
Unicorn Stripes Baby Blanket at Left In Knots
 My version of the Unicorn Stripes Baby Blanket is a 'Bright Rainbow' version, in the picture below. I also used different skeins of yarn for each colour (but that wasn't a huge problem).
I also added a few rows to the end of the pattern, to make a cot blanket.
My Bright Rainbow Version of the Unicorn Stripes Baby Blanket
 This is a lovely pattern - an easy stitch sequence, but decorative enough to make a pretty design.
And the border is lovely too.
Unicorn Stripes Baby Blanket Border

 This pattern is definitely a keeper!

5:  Another free baby blanket pattern on my to-do list and it looks very pretty:
One Skein Baby Blanket by Marilyn Losee
 (although the above website page has a checkout, you can download the pdf pattern for free)
This is a fairly easy and quick-to-work pattern which looks beautiful when completed.
And seems to have a lot of fans who have made several of these baby blankets.
You can see hundreds of projects made using this pattern by looking at the Ravelry page for the pattern here:
One Skein Baby Blanket on Ravelry

6:  You Are My Sunshine Baby Blanket by Christine Bumgarner
My You Are My Sunshine Baby Blanket
I've shown you this one before, but it's an ideal addition to a free baby blanket pattern post.
The pattern is made up from posts from the You are my Sunshine Afghan CAL by Christine Bumgarner
And you can find all 6 parts of the Cal from the links on this page:
You Are My Sunshine, my only Sunshine!
 Or you can click the project page link on the RH side of the Ravelry page for the pattern here:
You are my Sunshine Afghan CAL by Christine Bumgarner
and see the different colours and yarns which others have used to make their baby blanket.

This is mine completed and I love it!
You are my Sunshine Baby blanket

I love the central Sun design and the different stitches throughout.
I would say that this pattern is for an adventurous beginner or intermediate crocheter, but the instructions are very helpful, so you should manage fine with the more decorative stitch patterns.
And the bonus is that this pattern is available in English (US), Hebrew, Swedish and Dutch!
And it makes such a pretty blanket!
And that's the last of the 6 Free Crochet Patterns Which Make Beautiful Baby Blankets.
But I'm sure there will be more soon.
In the meanitme, I hope you enjoyed this post and have found a good pattern to use to make your next baby blanket.

~ Silvi

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