Thursday 3 December 2020

Elephant Sun Dog is Ready for Christmas 2020!

At Elephant Sun Dog, we have been very busy getting ready for Christmas!

Sadly, we cannot do markets this year, but that hasn't stopped us making lots of new craft items. And we would love you to see them in our Etsy Shop!
In the picture below, you can see just a few of the lovely gifts we have made:

At the Elephant Sun Dog Etsy Shop, you can find specially handmade gifts for all the family!

We have a unique range of handmade Christmas Tree Baubles, plus a large range of handmade Keyrings which make lovely stocking fillers, and Wall Hangings, which make very unique gifts, and Leather Neck Cords, with stars, hearts and moon which everyone would love to find as a present on the Christmas tree.

 Then we have our own unique range of handmade accessories, including adult and children's crochet shawls, scarves, ponchos, and childrens tops.

 We also have crochet and cotton bags of many shapes and sizes and for all ages. And of course some of the childrens bags and childrens toys have Teddy Bears inside 🐻 🙂.

 (You can, of course, find an even wider selection of Bags with Teddy bears Inside on the Teddy in a Bag site, where you can find a range of bags, baskets, cradles, and gift sacks, all with a Teddy in a pocket, or snuggled up in a blanket sleeping inside 🐻).

 One range completely new to Elephant Sun Dog this year has been Face Masks. We have been very careful in choosing fabric used and face masks shapes which provide the best fit, so that we can provide a good range of face masks. Mainly for adults, but we do a childres range too. I add these here, because  in these times, quite a few people are looking for attractive but suitable face masks for extra Christmas presents this year.

 I've given you just a short glimpse of the gifts we have been working so hard on this year. As you can see, we have a wide variety of items in Our Etsy Shop.

We'd love if you would come along and see them 😊


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