The Ideal Store For All Your Craft Needs

Where To find all those essential craft items:

 Elephant Sun Dog was set up primarily to focus on our crafts and to share craft ideas with all of you.

Between us, we make crochet, fabric, metal and handcrafted items for a range of gifts. And we share patterns too.

But what we haven't shared so far is where we access our supplies.

Well, truth be told, when we first set up our craft endeavours, we searched everywhere for things like yarn, fabric, jewellery makings, cards, stationary, haberdashery... and so much more!
And it was sometimes an effort finding good prices alongside good craft products.

We never thought of going to a supplier where we could have found all those lovely items in one place. Doh!

But then we found Hobbycraft.

And what we like so much is that, not only can we find what we need to make a particular items, but we also get new ideas from browsing their stock.

With products for Needleworkers, Knitters, Crocheters, Bakers, Papercrafters, Artists, Jewellery Makers, Clay modellers, and much more, plus the tools, materials and 'how to' books they need to work their crafts, I reckon that, not only will the majority of crafters be very, very pleased with Hobbycraft, but they might just discover a whole new craft to try as well!

So why not have a look at the HobbyCraft site. If you haven't looked before, you will be amazed!
I promise you!

 And with FREE UK Delivery for all orders over £20, you can order your goods for home delivery,  or click and collect all from the comfort of your home or office.

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