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Latest pattern, November 2018 - Child's Backpack With Lining

This backpack is ideal for a child of any age up to teenage, so it is an ideal 'make' for Christmas and birthdays (or just a nice gift).

This is a paid pattern, because it contains a great deal of work and testing (and loads of info on both crochet and sewing too), but it is FREE to download from Ravelry until 11th November 2018, using a code which you will find on the page up to and including that date.

You can read more about this new pattern on my blog post made to tell you more about it here:
 Childs Crochet Backpack Ready to Download

Crochet Moses Basket

 Latest Pattern, Moses Basket For A Toddler

I designed this pattern for a crochet moses basket for a toddler whose mother wanted something which was pretty and enjoyable for a toddler to use, but was also as safe as possible. So, this is quite a basic basket, with short handles, okay for little hands, and no extra bits apart from a mattress and blanket.

However, I also wanted to make a basket which held its shape (like a carry bag) and was made to a pattern which was easy to understand and which worked well, and I think I’ve succeeded.

A lot of work  was involved in designing and testing this pattern, so it is a paid pattern - at £2.00 (plus vat according to your country).
You can see and read more about the pattern here.

~ Silvi

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 This is the link to Silvi's patterns (free and paid):
Silvi Veale's Ravelry Store

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