Crystal's Handmade Gifts

This page is just to let you see a small selection of the type of items I make.
This includes jewellery; keyrings; ornaments; and decorations.
I run Little Gifts of Southsea.

You can find me on Facebook, but you are much more likely to see me at a local Portsmouth Fair or Market, or soon in the Elephant Sun Dog Etsy shop.

I make many different jewellery items: bracelets, necklaces, earrings, bangles, neck cords and more.
Here is an example from just part of one of my jewellery displays:

I make jewellery for all ages, from little badges and glow in the dark bracelets for children, to wrist cords, anklets, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more handmade gifts.
bead bracelets
glow in the dark necklaces

Some of my favourite things to make are crochet keyrings.
teddy and monkey keyrings
duck keyrings

These pictures have been taken at craft fairs and are just a few of the range of keyrings I make. All designed as well as made by me. I am always looking for ideas for new keyrings to make.

I am also always looking for ideas for new novelty gifts. These are some baby plants I made recently:
This time of year, you will find me busy designing and making new Christmas decorations.
Below you can see part of the selection I made for Christmas 2017. This year I am making a whole new range of Christmas figures and animals (and I will post about them on the blog soon).

I also take commissions to make gifts.
This is a very special Teddy I designed and made:

At the moment, I am busy designing some Wall Hangings.
I am starting with owls.

I made this wall hanging as a gift some time ago.

But I have a wider variety of wall hanging designs which I'm working on right now.

Because I am very busy making new gifts, I sometimes forget to take pictures, but I will try to update this page and post my new designs on the blog, so that you can see much more.

~ Crystal

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