Thursday 17 October 2019

Free Tutorial on Lining A Crochet Bag

Full printed sewing and pattern making tutorial with instructions and pictures to download.

When you make a crochet bag it is often necessary to line it. I find that particularly the case when making a shoulder bag from two large crochet squares.

 Crochet squares, like other decorative crochet designs, often have gaps between stitches, which makes them look pretty, but also makes carrying small items inside the bag quite risky.

For some time I have been lining my more decorative crochet bags, and over that time I have found the best ways to do it. And I thought it was time to share the bag-lining tricks I had learned with you 😀

So I have made a free, downloadable tutorial on how to line a crochet or knitted bag.

It is a sewing and pattern making tutorial to show you how to make and fit a double-sided lining with an inside pocket.

The tutorial is easy to follow and the steps should help you, particularly if you have been putting off lining your bags because you could never find the right advice.

This tutorial has been written by me - Silvi Veale - and the pictures used are mine. The tutorial is free to download and it would be great if you shared the link too. However, please do not claim this tutorial as your own, or use the pictures as if they are yours.

To follow this sewing and pattern making tutorial you will need:

  • 2 Different fabrics – one to display inside the bag and one to face the outside of the bag. Fabric size will depend upon size of bag, but as a rough estimate, half a meter of each fabric should be plenty.
  • Dressmaking scissors.
  • Pins.
  • Sewing needle.
  • Sewing thread to match both bag and lining material if possible (if in doubt, and the fabric is light, use white thread).
  • Sewing machine, or you may chose to sew the seams by hand.
You will find the tutorial in the pdf file on ESD Crafts, our sister site, on this post here:
Sewing Tutorial – How To Line A Crochet Or Knitted Bag.

 The free downloadable file contains a written tutorial with 27 pictures - one for each part of the making process.

Now, not everyone wants to print out a file with so many pictures in it and you may prefer to download the pattern to read on your phone or laptop, rather than printing it out.
Or you can just read it online.

But for those who like to work with a printed copy to hand for reference, I think this tutorial will be very useful.

 If you have any questions about the instructions (or any suggestions also), please post them in the comments here or on the post on ESD crafts, and I will do my best to answer.

Anyway, I hope you find this sewing tutorial useful and that it helps you to line many lovely bags!

Here's another bag I lined using my tutorial:

Hope you like it 😀

~ Silvi

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