Monday 21 October 2019

Quality Yarn at an Amazing Low Price

I use Stylecraft Special DK yarn for many of my craft projects.

Like most people nowadays, I find that money is tight, so at a budget price and in large, 100 gram balls which produce 295 meters of yarn to work with, Stylecraft Special DK works out a very good buy.

And it's a good buy because it's easy work with, soft, machine washable (and can be tumble dried), and you can use it to make a vast range of items, from all sorts of clothing to blankets and bags.

But here's another reason why I use this yarn.
The colours are fantastic!
All the colours of the rainbow and some you hadn't even thought of!
Stylecraft Special DK Colours

One of my crochet makes using Stylecraft Special DK was the Jacaranda Cal.
I wanted to use pretty colours which enhanced the intricate pattern design, and I think I chose well 😀

I used Cream, Cloud Blue, Violet, Clematis, and Parma Violet.
They are colours I would have found difficult to find in many budget yarns, but I knew I could rely on Stylecraft to produce them and for Deramores to stock them.

So why am I writing this post about Stylecraft Special DK right now?
Because I've just discovered that Deramores has special savings on their yarn with lots of savings.

Stylecraft Special DK is part of their Everyday Low Price Collection, plus,if you are looking for particular colours, buying in value packs will save you 10% more, plus for members, you will get rewards for your next purchase.

Now, like many crafters, I may be a yarnaholic, but I'm also very aware of the need to budget on my yarn purchases.
And this looks like a great deal to me.

And when I, an intermediate crocheter, can produce projects like the Jacaranda which look even more intricate because of the colours, then I'm happy! :)

You can find All Stylecraft Special DK colours on the link at Deramores here:
Stylecraft Special DK colours and info

Go on have a look.
I bet you love looking at yarn colours as much as I do! 😀

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