Friday 5 October 2018

Elephant Sun Dog Etsy Shop is Live!

It took a while, but we are now the proud owners of an Etsy shop!
You can find us at the Elephant Sun Dog Etsy Store

Elephant Sun Dog At Etsy
We still have a way to go to make things look how we want them, but we are getting there :)

There are 6 items in our shop as I type this, but over the next few days we will be adding more.

At the moment, there are some lovely crochet shoulder bags, eco-friendly cotton market bags, children's pretty shoulder bags, and 2 crochet moses baskets with teddies inside.
So lots to look at already :)

Eventually we will have lots of bags for children and adults (some with teddies inside), snuggle blankets, baby blankets, decorations, wall hangings, jewellery and more.
So there will be loads of gifts which are ideal for Christmas presents (or just to treat yourself :) ).

Me and Crystal will write about some of the items here as we put them on the Etsy site, as well as share lots of other sites and cals and patterns as we find them.

So stay tuned! We are going to be very busy!

Or, you could visit our Etsy store now :)

~ Silvi

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