Thursday 4 October 2018

My Moses Basket Crochet Pattern

My Moses Basket Crochet Pattern is ready!

A few days ago, I posted about the Crochet Moses Basket I had been asked to make for a small child.
I said that, although there are so many fabulous patterns out there, I couldn't find one which would fit an 8 to 10 inch soft toy or doll and which didn't have lots of decorations or fancy stitches.

As this was for a toddler, still prone to chewing things and pulling bits off of things, the moses basket had to be toddler-friendly :)

So I made my own pattern as I made the basket and, I have to say that it turned out very well and was much appreciated!

However, making a pattern to use yourself is one thing, while making a pattern that others can read and find useful is quite something else!

But I was determined to try :)

Well, it took lots of maths (to get the balance and placement of stitches right); lots of new making and re-making to test things out; lots of picture taking to provide visual as well as read explanations; and, where stitch placement benefitted from extra description, I made a couple of sketched, 'how to' charts.

Now the pattern is tested and finally finished (yay!). It contains three pattern pieces in all - for the basket, for a mattress to go inside, and for a pretty blanket to match.

There is a full pattern, with clear, written instructions, lots of explanations, and lots of pictures too. And for those who prefer, there is a 'print friendly' version also (you get both together).

In the full pattern, most of the pictures are at the end, in case you prefer to print the written part only and view the picture part of the pdf on your laptop, tablet or mobile.

Or, if you prefer no pictures at all in your pattern (while still being able to view the full pattern online), then the print friendly version is for you.

I'm pretty pleased with it!

Because this pattern has taken a great deal of work, it is a paid pattern, but at a very reasonable price - £2.00 sterling, plus vat according to your country.
I think it's a bargain!

What I would love to see is a range of Toddler Moses Baskets made from this pattern appearing online, in all types of colours and with all sorts of toys inside.
That would be fantastic! :)

The pattern is for sale on Ravelry.
You can find it and read more about it here:
Moses Basket For A Toddler

Or, here is the link to go straight to buy it now:
buy now

I hope you like it as much as I do :)

~ Silvi

Please Remember - this is for a Pattern it is not for the crocheted item.

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