Friday 25 October 2019

Introduction To Our Sister Site ESD Crafts

And A Look at a Great Papercraft Site Too

You may have noticed that Elephant Sun Dog has a sister site. It is called ESD Crafts (which of course is based upon the initials for Elephant Sun Dog 😀).

Whereas Elephant Sun Dog at the moment looks mainly at crochet, sewing and jewellery making, with links to useful CALS, patterns, and YouTube videos, plus offers free and paid patterns; ESD Crafts looks at these, but also looks at and writes about other crafts as we try them out.

Photo courtesy Estee Janssens on Unsplash
 Recently I have ventured into the world of Scrapbooking and Journaling, and was totally amazed at the creativity involved in these hobbies, and how useful they are to many crafters to use in their work.
So, I have written a full article here: called Scrapbooking, Journaling and Bullet Journaling.

The article is fairly long, because I wanted to cover many of the things I am discovering about these three overlapping crafts. And I think I've provided lots of information which will help you as well as me.

Here on Elephant Sun Dog, we like to keep you updated about our latest projects, craft makes, fairs and news of other's work too. But having ESD Crafts as our sister blog allows us to search and experiment with different crafts and to pass on what we find.

It also gives us the capability to upload larger files we want to share with you, like the Free Downloadable Tutorial On How To Line A Crochet Or Knitted Bag which we posted about here earlier this month.

So we think it's a win, win! 😀

You can see the ESD Crafts RSS feed in the sidebar on this site, so you can check out new posts you may be interested in.
Photo courtesy Victoria Bilsborough on unsplash

And if you are interested in finding out more about Scrapbooking and Journaling mentioned in the ESD Crafts post above, or about Papercrafts in general, I highly recommend you check out CraftStash.
Not only are they authorities on these crafts, but they have lots of special offers too, like this one:

Save On 1000s Of Arts & Crafts Supplies At CraftStash

Plus UK Customers also get:

With free delivery offers in Europe, Canada and the US too. So it's a offer which I think is well worth checking out!

~ Silvi

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