Monday 9 September 2019

Ten Free Patterns for Crochet Coasters

I've been making crochet coasters for a short while. They are (usually) very easy and quick to make and very satisfying in that you can soon build up a collection of pretty coasters which looks really impressive! 😀

Here are 10 Free Patterns For Crochet Coasters I have used to make coasters, or that are on my list to make very soon.

1: Make a Set of Five Ombre Crocheted Coasters

By Marinke Slump
This is a great coaster tutorial and pattern.
Easy and quick and using surface slip stitches to add to the pattern.
You can find the free pattern here:
Make a Set of Five Gorgeous Ombre Crocheted Coasters

I've made 3 lots of these so far. I didn't quite stick to the ombre idea (making each coaster slip stitch decoration in a colour which shades in with the previous one), but I like them anyway :)
The first set was a gift:
Set of Ombre Coasters in Dark Heather, with Lilac and White Trim
And the other two sets are now on Etsy:
Set of 6 coasters in beautiful burgundy
Set of 6 attractive coasters in light grey cotton

2: The Citrus Coaster Pattern, by Dona Knits.

This was the first coaster pattern I tried and I think it's still my favourite for making coaster only sets.
A lovely clean and neat pattern that is easy to do and looks elegant.
This pattern is a free Ravelry download. So, members of Ravelry can find it here:
Citrus Coaster by Dona Knits

I've made quite a few of these in light purple and will definitely make more in other colours (when I get the time!).
Here's the link to them in our Etsy Shop:
Set of 6 Coasters in Light Purple

3: Lacy Coaster by Claire from Crochet Leaf

I love this coaster pattern! (and the free doily pattern too).
It's easy to follow, well-explained, and quick to do. And you can easily make a lovely  set of lacy coasters which make you look like a crochet expert!
You can find the free coaster pattern here:
Lacy Crochet Coaster

Here's some doily and coaster sets that I have made from Claire's lovely patterns.
You can find sets of them on our Etsy site here:
Crochet Lace Doily and 6 coasters set in Turquoise Cotton

 Crochet Lace Doily and 6 coasters set in Dark Heather

4: Free crochet pattern: Roller Coasters

 by Kirsten Ballering
Is a nice, quick and simple coaster pattern which adds surface slip stitch colours to make the 'roller coaster' and this works great!
You can find the free crochet pattern here:
Free Crochet Pattern - Roller Coasters
(No pictures from me here, because I am still to make these! 😁 )

5: Snowflake Cotton Coaster by Tatsiana Kupryianchyk 

This is a tutorial on how to do surface crochet, together with a free pattern for a unique coaster design in Tatsiana's innovative style. And, despite looking complicated, it is actually quick and easy to do!
Just the job!
You can find the free pattern here:
Surface Crochet Makes a Difference a Free Pattern by Lilla Bjorn Crochet

 I've made 2 sets of these so far - one in deep purple with a lilac trim and one in lilac with a deep purple trim.
You can see them on our Etsy shop here:
 Set of 6 Cotton Coasters in Purple Crochet Snowflake Design

Set of 6 Cotton Coasters in Lilac Elegant Snowflake Design

6: Christmas Themed Coaster by Rajeshwari Singh 

 I'm saving this coaster pattern for nearer to Christmas.
It certainly looks worth doing and enjoyable to do - a pretty flower theme in Christmas colours.
You can find it here:
Christmas Themed Crochet Coaster

7: Merry Berry Coasters

by Fiber Flux / Jennifer Dickerson
Another coasters pattern on my 'to-make-for-Christmas' list.
They certainly look easy and fun to make. And just right for Christmas.
Here is the free pattern:
Free Crochet Pattern...Merry Berry Coasters!

8: Flower Potholders by Jennifer Martin

As you can see, this is really a free pattern to make some very unique potholders, but I've made coasters from this pattern and I think they look great.
(You just end on an earlier row).
You can find the free pattern here (plus a link to some helpful pictures):
This is a Free Ravelry Download for the Flower Potholder Pattern

 These are the coasters I made from the Flower Potholders Pattern.

I've partnered them up with a doily, made using the Free Doily Pattern from Crochet Leaf.
And here is the doily and coasters set I made, now in our Etsy shop:
Cotton Lace Doily and Four Matching Coasters

9: Spring Blooms Coaster by Heather J Anderson

Another free coaster pattern on my to-make list. I've seen some lovely coasters made from this one.
This pattern is published in The Unraveled Mitten.
It is a pretty, floral theme with clear instructions for the cluster design used, so is perfectly fine for all crochet levels.
Here is the free pattern link:
Spring Bloom Crochet Coaster Pattern

10: Coaster - Summer Boaters by Amy Le Pelley

Another very attractive coaster pattern which uses surface slip stitches to trim and has a pretty fluted edge.
A must make for my coaster list!
You can find the free pattern here:
Crochet Coasters - Summer Boaters

So, there you have Ten Fantastic Free Crochet Coaster Patterns.
I hope you find them useful.

More Free Crochet Patterns will no doubt be on the way soon 😀

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