Sunday 1 September 2019

Crochet Coasters and Doilies For Sale and Free Patterns Too!

As September is almost here, the thoughts of the crafter turn to Christmas presents (sorry, but they do! 😀 ).
So, I've started quite early (because I know that I will slow down later 😊 ).

I love working with cotton yarn, and there are no better items to make in cotton than Coasters and Doilies!
So I've been busy making coaster sets and doily and coaster table sets for Our Etsy Shop.

There are some lovely patterns out there - so much to choose from!
And now I've made quite a few, I might just make a pattern of my own soon.

But in the meantime...

Brand new to our Etsy shop we have:

A lovely cotton Lace doily with 4 matching Flower Coasters

The colours are nice and clean pastel shades of pink, white and green, which are ideal for all year round.
I enjoyed taking the photos with coffee mugs and with glasses, but as well as being a great table setting, this little set would look fantastic on a dressing table too.
You can find the set here:
Cotton Lace doily with 4 matching Flower Coasters
There's more pictures to look at too.
I'm really pleased with these!

Crochet Cotton Lace Doily and 6 Matching Coasters in Beautiful Turquoise

I love turquoise and it looks great when made up with cotton yarn.
And in this lace doily and coaster set, the clean cotton yarn really sets off the lacy pattern nicely.The main photo for this set is 6 glasses and a nice bottle of wine (not for sale of course!).
I can just imagine this set at a party. It would be fun and pretty at the same time!
You can find this pretty turquoise lacy set here:
Crochet Cotton Lace Doily and 6 Matching Coasters Set in Beautiful Turquoise
Again, there are several more pictures to look at.
I hope you like it!

Crochet Cotton Lace Doily and 6 Matching Coasters Set in Gorgeous Dark Heather

I love the colour dark heather. It's warm and elegant and (I think) classy too.
So, I really enjoyed making this Lacy Doily and Coaster Set in dark heather cotton yarn.
It is made from the same Lace doily and coasters patterns as the Turquoise set and the doily from the Flower set. It's such an enjoyable pattern to make, I just might make some more, not only for Etsy, but for Christmas presents for relatives (so any of my relatives reading this have been warned 😄 ).
You can find this elegant doily and coaster set here:
Crochet Cotton Lace Doily and 6 Matching Coasters Set in Gorgeous Dark Heather

And links to the Patterns: 

For those of you who like to make doilies and coasters yourself, I can highly recommend the lovely patterns I have used to make mine.
And here are the links to their pattern pages (all are free patterns):

The Lacy Doily and Lacy Coasters patterns are by Claire from Crochet Leaf
You can find the patterns here:
Lacy Crochet Coaster
Crochet Doily Pattern

And the Flower Coasters in the first set were made by slightly altering a pattern by Jennifer Martin and it's called Flower Potholders.
You can find a free download of the pattern on Ravelry here:
Flower Potholders Pattern

But if you get the time, do have a look at my doily and coaster sets on Etsy. I'm really proud of them and loved taking the different photos too!

And there will most likely be more coasters (and patterns) to come in our next post.

I'm off now to make some more coasters.... 😀

~ Silvi

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