Sunday 4 November 2018

Child's Crochet Backpack Pattern Ready to Download

New crochet pattern for a child's backpack!

Here is my latest crochet pattern and this one has a sewing tutorial too.

The pattern is for a child's crochet backpack which is fully lined.

This pattern was FREE to download until midnight (GMT) on the 11th of November, 2018.
I'm sorry, but the limited time offer is no longer available.
But please check here regularly for new patterns and timed offer codes.  Plus details of my free patterns too.

The pattern now costs £2.00 (plus any VAT you pay according to country - in the UK it is 40p extra).
And as there is so much in it, it will still be a bargain!

There are three versions of the pattern and you will be able to download them all as required:
  • A full written pattern with pictorial instructions alongside pattern.
  • A full written pattern with pictorial instructions at the end of the pattern (so that you can choose to print out the written part only and view the pictures on your pc, mobile or tablet).
  • A full written text only pattern which is print friendly.
The pattern is suitable for confident beginners (who know basic crochet stitches) or intermediate crocheters.
It also requires some knowledge of sewing.

However, for the crochet and the sewing part, I do try to help all I can and the full, pictorial version has lots of explanatory pictures.

Made in DK yarn and a 4.5mm crochet hook, the backback measures approximately 9.75 inches (24.5 cms) in length by 7.5 inches (19 cms) width (measured flat).
But different yarns and hook sizes will of course produce different sizes. It's up to you 😀

I designed these backpacks to take a 5 inch teddy in the front pocket (as you can see below 😀), but they are useful for carrying so many things!

Perhaps a soft toy or doll could go in the pocket; or the backpack could be used for school or pre-school and carry crayons and small stationary in the pocket.

And you will find that the inner part of the backpack is roomy enough to please any child who wants to carry their precious items around with them.

If you want to make the backpack larger or smaller, just change the type of yarn you use.

And don't think this is only for girls. Boys love these backpacks too.

And with so many yarn colours out there, there is so much to choose from :)

You can find and read more about the pattern here on Ravelry.

I hope you enjoy my pattern!

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