Monday 29 October 2018

A Very Helpful You Tube Crochet Group

Back in the summer, I was browsing YouTube crochet videos, when I landed upon a video by The Secret Yarnery.
It was a video for a Cal which was going to make the Erigeneia Shawl.
I instantly liked the presenter. She was friendly and helpful and no nonsense too. So I searched for more on The Secret Yarnery, and found that a Facebook Group had been set up for the Cal.
I joined the group, but didn't have time then to make the shawl (which was a shame, as the Cal came with charts and videos which were very easy to understand).

But  Cal With the Secret Yarnery remained in my Facebook groups and over the months they did more Cals and shared more makes and videos. Then a few days ago, I found their October Cal.

The Cal is to make a Polka Dot blanket. It's relatively easy, which is great. And it looks good when finished, which is even better 😀  But more important, the videos for the Cal are so well-explained and easy to understand. Here's the first video for the Cal below:

Again, I am too busy with Christmas makes to make the polka dot blanket right now, but will definitely make it in the New Year. and for the first time ever, I will use the videos as my main source.

I'm usually a crocheter who likes to work with a written pattern first and foremost, but these videos are good and useful!
And I particularly like how the presenter explains why she has chosen a certain stitch placement and even tells us how to 'fudge' things a little if necessary. She's a crocheter after my own heart 😀

But anyway, if you get the time, do have a look at the Secret Yarnery videos, even if, like me, you are someone who prefers written patterns, because I think that there will be something you can learn there and particularly beginners, who will find some of the tips very, very helpful indeed.

As an aside. I have not contacted The Secret Yarnery about this post. It is not posted as a promotion for them. It is just a post made because I was impressed with how helpful the videos are.

~ Silvi

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