Monday 1 October 2018

Making a Crochet Moses Basket

Silvi here. I've been asked to make a moses basket for a very small child. As I'm the owner of Teddy in a Bag , the moses basket will have a teddy inside, but one specially made for a little one, rather than an older child.

Well, I searched high and low for a suitable moses basket crochet pattern and there are some beautiful ones out there, absolutely gorgeous in fact!  But they either had bobbles or holes (stitch decoration) or ties and ribbons that might do harm to a little one, or they would have taken too many alterations to the pattern to make it fit the bear we had chosen....

So I designed my own.

Here it is, with the Teddy inside:

And with a matching blanket:

Then I thought, "Why not make a pattern so I can make one of these again?"
And that's where I am....designing a pattern at the moment (and I didn't realise how much maths it took to design a moses basket :) ).

I posted this here as a prompt to remind me to write the pattern up and share it here.

It will be coming soon...

~ Silvi

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