Monday 1 October 2018

Danny The Crochet Duck

Crystal here.
I make amigurumi creatures for keyrings, decorations and lots more and I make my own patterns.

I began to do this because I was fed up sewing so many pieces together to make a small creature and I wanted to see if I could make amigurumi characters with as little sewing needed as possible.

This is one of the first patterns I made. It's a duck I made into a keyring. It is very, very simple to make and, apart from the beak, it is all in one piece.

Enjoy making Danny :)
Danny as a keyring


Duck Keyring Crochet Pattern
By Crystal Taylor

US Crochet Terms

Terms used in pattern:

st = stitches (used for stitch count at end of row)
sc = single crochet
dc = double crochet
tc = triple crochet
inc = increase (eg; ‘sc inc’ = 2 x sc in this stitch)
dec = decrease (eg; ‘sc dec’ = sc next 2 stitches together)
flo = front loop (or loops) only
NB: I decrease in sc flo for neatness. You may wish to do this too. It’s up to you.

Head and Body (worked in one piece)
Recommended colour - Yellow
3.5 mm hook recommended if using double knit yarn

Magic Circle
Row 1:  3sc into circle (3st)
Row 2:  sc inc in each stitch around (6st)
Row 3:  (sc, sc inc) around (9st)
Row 4:  (sc 2, sc inc ) around (12 st)
Rows 5 - 8:  sc all stitches around (12 st)
Row 9:  (sc 2, sc dec) around (9 st)
Stuff Head
Begin body (continue in one piece)
Row 10:  (sc, sc dec) around (6 st)
Row 11:  sc inc, sc to end (7 st)
Row 12:  sc inc x 4, sc to end (11 st)
Row 13:  sc inc x 7, sc to end (18 st)
Row 14:  sc x 8, dc, tc, dc, sc to end (18 st) (This row forms the tail shape)
Rows 15 and 16:  sc around (18 st)
Row 17:  FRONT LOOPS ONLY THIS ROUND: sc flo around (18 st)
Row 18:  (dec, sc 2,) around (13 st)
Stuff Body
Row 19:  (sc dec, sc) around (9 st)
Row 20: sc dec around (leaves 5 st)
Fasten Off, leaving a long thread.

Sew in yarn end at head.
Sew in yarn end at body bottom – take thread up and inside head and back to secure head.

Recommended Colour - Orange
3 mm hook recommended if using double knit yarn
Chain 6, (First 2 chains count as first hdc)
Row One: hdc into 3rd chain from hook and to end (4 hdc), Turn.
Row Two: Chain 2 (counts as first hdc), 3 hdc (4 hdc total)
Fasten off
Fold beak in half and sew together, then sew to face.

These can be either safety eyes (if for a small child), or half beads (if this is a charm for adults)
If preferred, use black thread and embroider an eye each side of the head, above beak (fastening off ends can be pulled inside of head).


And that's it! That's Danny the Crochet Duck :)

Please note:
This is pattern has been designed by me, Crystal Taylor.
You are welcome to use it to make your own amigurumi creatures for pleasure, for gifts or for small craft sales.
But please do not claim this pattern as your own or use my images to advertise your work.
Apart from that, I hope you enjoy this pattern.
Thank You.

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