Sunday 18 August 2019

Beautiful Wall Hangings In Our Etsy Shop Now

Wall Hangings with Owls and Hearts and Stars Available

We are very pleased to announce that we have some lovely wall hangings in the Elephant Sun Dog Etsy Shop.

Crystal has been busy making a range of wall hangings. Some with cute owls and others with hearts and stars. And they all have little jingle bells .
The wall hangings vary in length from 10.5 inches (26.5cms) for the smallest to 35.5 inches (90.5cms) for the longest.

It will be difficult to decide which one you like best. 😀

There are two extremely cute owl wall hangings with three owls all on their own perches. These are ideal for a small room or a child's room. but they are so sweet that I'm sure you would like them yourself!

You can find them here: Owl Wall Hanging Hand Crafted with 3 cute plump owls in pretty light blue shades
And here: Owl Wall Hanging Hand Crafted with 3 cute plump owls in turquoise shades

Then there is a Longer Owl Wall Hanging, with 5 cute owls on perches and this is ideal for any room of any size.
(That is if one of us doesn't grab it first! :) )

You can find it here: Owl Wall Hanging Hand Crafted with 5 cute owls on their own perches

And to brighten up any room, Crystal has also made two long wall hangings in rainbow colours.
There is a Stars Wall Hanging and a Hearts Wall Hanging.

You can find them here: Wall Hanging hand crafted with Rainbow Stars and Jingle Bells

And here: Wall Hanging Hand Crafted with Rainbow Hearts and Jingle Bells

These would look lovely anywhere, including in the window with the little bells jingling in the breeze.

So please do take a look at our Etsy Shop.
There is only one of each wall hanging, so once they are gone that's it for now.

And if you know anyone who would love a house warming gift, a birthday gift, or to save for a Christmas gift, I'm sure they would love to see more about these lovely wall hangings.

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