Thursday 10 January 2019

The Sweet Pea CAL at Attic 24

This is the first CAL (crochet along) that I am taking part in for 2019. It is the Sweet Pea Blanket CAL published each week at Attic 24.

The pattern is free and Lucy of Attic 24 will be posting parts weekly.

Week 1 began on 4th January and it's certainly not too late to join in. The posts will be staying on Lucy's blog, so no excuses 😄

Here is my Sweet Pea Blanket part 1:

I chose to do the 'posy' version of the pattern because it will go very well with other items, but was very tempted to do the 'colourwash' version or the 'repeat' version (which repeats the colour pattern shown in the original test sample for the pattern - see picture below:).

Lucy is a fabulous designer. Her CALS are always excellent and she goes the extra mile with pictures and instructions to ensure that her patterns are easy to understand by beginners and advanced crocheters alike.

I highly recommend this CAL (in fact, I might do it twice 😀 ).

You can find all the details about the Sweet Pea Blanket CAL here. That post also contains links to the Trellis Stripe Pattern used in the CAL and details of everything you need to know.

Or just go over to Attic 24 and see all of Lucy's lovely patterns.

I guarantee you will spend ages there 😃

~ Silvi

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