Wednesday 10 October 2018

New Page About Our Handmade Gifts

Crystal here.

Because I always seem to be busy, making new gifts for my shop Little Gifts of Southsea, I do not update my part of this blog as often as I should.
Sorry! 😊

But I have now added a page here, just to give you a small glimpse of some of the things I make.

When I began Little Gifts of Southsea in 2012, I made mainly Jewellery. I still make a great deal of jewellery today and try to ensure that I always have something new to show you.

Little Gifts of Southsea at Portsmouth Comic Con

However, over the years, I have expanded the range of things I make for the shop, so now you will find crochet keyrings and novelties, felt and crochet Christmas Decorations, and different novelties and gifts for children, alongside the jewellery in my shop.

So, please have a look at my page: Crystal's Handmade Gifts to read a little more about the handmade items I make and new designs I am working on.

It doesn't have many items on it right now, but I promise to update it very soon.

Thanks for your patience  😊

~ Crystal

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